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Hi, I Am Yannish Khanna and I welcome you to my professional world!

A little bit about me:

I'm a passionate professional in branding, marketing, and social media management. My expertise includes online reputation management, campaigns, and effective strategies for startups. I try to bring a personalized touch to every project and focus on helping brands stand out. I have experince in sectors like automobiles, airlines, defense, gaming, and sustainable lifestyle products. Apart from my professional life, I also like to have fun by watching movies, gaming and indulging in sports like soccer, cricket and swimming.  

What I Do

Social Media Strategy

My interests and talents allow me to excel in developing social media strategies that align with the unique goals and target audience of each brand. By diving deep into market research, I create customized strategies that maximize engagement, brand awareness, and conversions. With a focus on authenticity and storytelling, I aim to create meaningful connections with the target audience and drive long-term success.


As a creative soul, I thrive on crafting captivating and impactful content for social media platforms. From writing engaging copy to designing visually stunning graphics, I ensure that each piece of content reflects the brand's personality and resonates with its audience. By blending creativity with a data-driven approach, I create content that sparks interest, and drives engagement while leaving a lasting impression.

Advertising on Social Media

With experience in advertising and media buying on social media platforms, I have successfully executed campaigns that reach the right audience at the right time. I strategically target specific demographics, leverage audience insights, and optimize ad performance to drive conversions and achieve campaign objectives. By staying up to date with the latest advertising trends and platform algorithms, I maximize the effectiveness of each advertising campaign.

Your Data

I have a strong affinity for numbers and a keen eye for data. Using various analytical tools, I dive into the metrics and analyze social media performance to uncover valuable insights. I use data to identify trends, understand audience preferences, and make informed decisions to continually improve campaign performance.

Covering Events

One of the best uses of social media is to cover events on multiple channels which helps to effectively capture the essence and enthusiasm of the occasion. From live tweeting and posting real-time updates to creating engaging event-specific content, I ensure that the audience feels connected and immersed in the event experience, even from a distance.

What People Are Saying

Yannish is a curious person, wishing to learn all the time. He and I worked closely on the Rainbow Lit Fest where his desire to know ensured that the communications for the festival was well aligned with queer language and sensitivities. His engaged with the press too, his ability to see what makes news, was helpful. He is prompt and doesn’t mind admitting to not knowing something. After all that’s why he is open to learning and growing fast.

Sharif D Rangnekar - Author; TedX Speaker; Director, Rainbow Lit Fest


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